Kumiko Design Application

Butterfly kumiko pattern

With kumiko designer you can design your own kumiko screens based on a triangular grid. Many common infill patterns have been implemented and whenever I come across new patterns I'll include them in the application.
The app includes exporting a 1:1 scale pdf-document of your kumiko panel and is completely free.
In case you notice unexpected behavior or have ideas for improvements, please let me know!

If you enjoy using the application, please consider making a small donation in order for me to keep the website hosted.

How to use the application

By clicking the button below you will be directed to the tool. Without a (free) account you can only store one design on your device. In the top-right corner you can register or log in to create multiple designs that you can access from any location.
Click here to watch a short video introducing all the features of the tool.

Start designing